Navigating Success, Mastering Fulfillment.

Private coaching for high achievers & business leaders seeking personal or professional
clarity, balance, & fulfillment.

With Neuropsychologist & Expert Coach,
Dr. Carolina Raeburn
Disclaimer: Coaching is not therapy. Raeburn Coaching does not provide therapy, diagnosis, or any form of mental health treatment. If you live in Florida and would like to learn more about our clinical psychology practice, visit
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You're Here Because Success is Only Half the Story.

You’ve navigated the complexities of success, reaching heights many only dream of. Yet, in the quiet moments, something feels amiss — you seek to experience deeper joy, navigate challenges, and maximize your potential.

…but you know you can’t do it alone.

That’s where I come in…

I'm Dr. Carolina Raeburn, PsyD.

As a licensed clinical psychologist, neuropsychologist and expert coach, I support leaders across various spheres by providing them with tools, strategies, and insights to navigate their unique challenges and optimize their personal and professional growth.

I work collaboratively with my clients helping them identify & overcome obstacles that hinder their potential, enabling them to forge a path towards a life that aligns with their deepest aspirations.

Whether personal or professional, my 1:1 bespoke coaching, blends psychological insights with an understanding of the unique challenges encountered within wealth dynamics. It facilitates transformative growth and a profound shift in mindset towards a more fulfilled and purpose-driven life.

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Virtual Coaching & Digital Courses

Our services are designed to offer you powerful support in achieving your personal and professional goals.

1:1 Private Coaching

Executive & life coaching to help you navigate storms, get unstuck, & live in your full potential

Premium Group Coaching

Designed for those seeking collaborative growth, shared insights, and a community of like-minded achievers.

Digital Courses

for Individuals Who Want to Unlock their Full Potential in Their Personal or Professional Lives.

Explore the Benefits of Bespoke
Expert Online Coaching

Discover how partnering with Dr. Raeburn can create meaningful changes in your personal and professional life. It all starts with your willingness to take action.

Experience fulfillment beyond wealth

Find purpose in your habits & actions

Manage stress with relative ease

Dramatically reduce your risk of overwhelm

Gain increased clarity on what really matters

Navigate life's challenges and major life shifts

Get trusted C-Level Executive advisement

Make informed strategic decisions

Fine-tune your leadership skillset

Set and achieve long term career goals

Indentify & overcome workplace challenges

Make better decisions while under pressure

Nurture more positive relationships

Improve personal & workplace relationships

Establish & reinforce clear boundaries

Practice more effective conflict resolution

Build better communication strategies

Enhance your interpersonal relationships

Dr. Raeburn's Coaching Circle

Dr. Carolina Raeburn’s expertise in psychology and neuropsychology, combined with a compassionate, personalized coaching approach, allows her to guide leaders across various spheres to overcome personal, professional, and interpersonal challenges, facilitating transformative growth and a profound shift in mindset toward a more fulfilled, purpose-driven life. Explore the range of clients Dr. Raeburn supports…

Individuals Seeking Personal Growth

Finding purpose and personal growth on a transformative journey.

Supportive Partners and Family Members

Finding balance and self in the world of high achievers.

Healthcare Professionals

Nurturing well-being and life fulfillment for healthcare professionals.

Legal and Finance Professionals

Mastering legal and financial landscapes with clarity and calm.

Tech Industry Professionals

Advancing in tech through personal growth and effective communication strategies.

International Clients and Expats

Smoothly navigate cultural transitions and challenges.

Professional Athletes

Optimizing athletes' mental resilience and peak performance.


Empowering entrepreneurs for success and fulfillment.

Philanthropists & Angel Investors

Strategizing philanthropy with clarity and value alignment.

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