1:1 Private Coaching

Business Leadership + Personal Development for High Achievers

With NEUROPSYCHOLOGIST, Dr. Carolina Raeburn

Disclaimer: Coaching is not therapy. Raeburn Coaching does not provide therapy, diagnosis, or any form of mental health treatment. If you live in Florida and would like to learn more about our clinical psychology practice, visit RaeburnPsychology.com

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my 15+ years working with high-end clients…

It’s lonely at the top.

You’ve conquered professional peaks and personal milestones, yet it’s not uncommon to feel that the struggles and challenges you face each day are overlooked or misunderstood by those around you.

You may be feeling out of sync because…

In the midst of these complexities, Dr. Raeburn offers empathic understanding and provides the support and guidance needed to align your personal and/or professional worlds, bringing about a sense of harmony and fulfillment that transcends surface-level success.

When high-achievers are faced with high levels of stress and interpersonal relationships lack a sense of connection, they tend to push feelings of negativity down and away.

Out of sight, out of mind, right?

Well… not exactly.

Suppressing feelings of stress or feelings associated with poor emotional support, makes way for these feelings to build up over time until you start experiencing:

Dr. Raeburn is the best! Not only has Dr. Raeburn helped me through some tough times, she also genuinely cares and listens, truly listens. It has made all the difference in my personal development and professional life.

~ Mid-20’s unsure of their next steps

Navigating through changes and setting goals

In Trust We Build...

But you need more than an ear.

You need more than just an expert with solutions or strategies.

To navigate the complexities of life & success, to discuss the blocks, and to gain clarity, you need a trusted confidant. 

You need assurance of discretion, privacy, and confidentiality.

These are not just mere words to me – they are the bedrock of my commitment to you.

So if you’re wondering if it’s possible to find that rare individual who has extensive training, understands your lifestyle, and prioritizes confidentiality…

Yes, it is. And it’s my specialty.


Experience high-end virtual coaching services that facilitate your personal development + professional breakthroughs to create lasting change.

You’ll receive transformative, 1-on-1 coaching with Dr. Carolina Raeburn, expert coach and Clinical Psychology with a subspecialty in Neuropsychology.

Please note, Dr. Raeburn only accepts a limited number of clients, so you can work at the exclusive, elevated level you’re familiar with.

My clients enjoy immeasurable benefits from their coaching experience, such as…

Dr. Raeburn helps Enhance Well-being Across Diverse Areas including:

  • Purpose & Fulfillment
  • Self-Worth
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Stress & Overwhelm
  • Personal Mastery
  • Discontent
  • Fears & Worry
  • Peak Performance
  • Role Readiness
  • Communication
  • Strategic Decisions 
  • Finding Clarity
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Legacy Building
  • Interpersonal Concerns
  • Relationships & Trust
  • Feeling “Stuck”
Executive Mastery and Signature Life Coaching

I cover both sides of the coaching spectrum by supporting you in:

Business Leadership and Personal Development

I cover both sides of the coaching spectrum by supporting you in:

Business Leadership and Personal Development

Executive Mastery Coaching

Elevate your leadership and navigate complexities with clarity and strategy.

Signature Life Coaching

Navigate life with bespoke strategies towards growth, purpose, and fulfillment.

My communication skills and relationships have flourished since engaging with Dr. Raeburn. Her coaching strategies have transformed the way I interact with others and fostered deeper connections. I’m profoundly grateful for the positive change she has sparked in my life.

~ Highly Successful Introvert

Are you ready to elevate your life and career?

I cover both sides of the coaching spectrum by supporting you in:

Business Leadership and Personal Development

Executive Coaching

Partnering with Success: A Strategic Thought Companion for Business Leaders and Executives

It’s a complex dance between the professional and personal life – the two realms often intertwine, with challenges in one area impacting the other. This interconnection can’t be ignored. Dr. Raeburn offers a comprehensive approach, addressing not just personal concerns but also fostering business clarity, enhancing leadership and communication skills, and unlocking your peak performance potential.

Working with Dr. Raeburn is especially beneficial for executives and business leaders who are:

Dr. Raeburn is not just a coach; she’s a trusted advisor and sounding board. She’s helped me process complex decisions, providing insightful feedback that has been crucial for added clarity in life and business.

~ CEO & Business Owner

Seeking a trusted confidant

What is Executive Mastery Coaching?

Business coaching is a powerful tool for professionals looking to excel in their career and personal lives. It provides a supportive and structured environment so you can identify and overcome challenges, set and achieve goals, and develop the skills and strategies needed to breakthrough to the next level.

Engaging with Dr. Raeburn, business leaders often experience transformative changes:

With Dr. Raeburn’s coaching, I’ve been able to reduce stress associated with building a new business. She helped me navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship and offered a clear vision for moving forward. I highly recommend her services.

~ Entrepreneur

Achieving clarity & balance in entrepreneurship

Don’t navigate success alone.

Stop settling for the status quo and instead bring on a strategic thought partner to guide you toward optimal fulfillment and success.

Signature Life Coaching

Unlock Your Potential: Expert Coaching for Personal Growth & Fulfillment

Embark on a transformative journey with my Signature Life Coaching program, tailored for high-achievers like you. Dive into a personalized path of personal development to unlock your fullest potential, skillfully navigate life’s hurdles, and discover the barriers to your success. Through this program, you’ll master shifting limiting beliefs, expanding self-awareness, and cultivating a mindset geared towards growth and excellence.

Choosing to work with Dr. Raeburn could be your pivotal step if:

I was juggling so many elements in my life and it started feeling like a whirlwind. With Dr. Raeburn’s support, I found I had the tools to organize, prioritize, and take action steps. I started facing obstacles head-on, and made real progress towards my goals. She’s been an invaluable asset!

~ Working Professional

Managing overwhelm in life & career

What is Personal Growth & Fulfillment Coaching?

Discover Our Signature Life Coaching Experience

Our ‘Signature Life Coaching’ program is a meticulously crafted journey designed to unlock your fullest potential and catalyze profound personal growth. It’s tailored for those who seek not just to navigate life but to master it, blending science-based strategies with deep personal insights. This program is your gateway to not only discovering your true self but also to sculpting a life that’s as rewarding as it is meaningful.

Through our comprehensive personal development coaching, you’ll embark on a transformative path to:

Let’s put your personal development goals into overdrive

Prepare to exceed your own expectations, increase your wellbeing, and redefine what true fulfillment means to you.

Dr. Carolina Raeburn personal development and leadership coach

Meet Dr. Carolina Raeburn

As a Doctor of Psychology, neuropsychologist, and expert coach who’s helped countless high-achievers and business leaders turn off the noise to find clarity and fulfillment… 

I can say one thing:

I get it. 

The struggles and obstacles that high-achieving individuals face every day are unheard of to most other people. 

I understand the grit and determination required to succeed and the sacrifices it demands of our personal lives. 

I understand the common pitfalls and challenges that successful professionals and high-achievers like you face. I live it. I’ve lived with it. 

Dr. Raeburn’s advice has been trusted by

Let me share with you a snapshot of my journey…

My father was an accomplished and admirable businessman. His untimely death soon after I turned 23 was a startling awakening to the sacrifices he’d made… 

Mountains of stress… feeling personally responsible for the well-being of everyone in his life… the gilded facade he’d built to cover struggles he endured.

He never had the chance to right his wrongs or work through past regrets. And it led me to wonder what it takes to live a life of professional success AND personal fulfillment…

He needed someone to confide in that wouldn’t judge him or see his challenges as weakness. Some who truly cared about his well-being and success. Someone that could have helped him “see the forest from the trees” when it became a bit muddy. 

If there had been someone he could have genuinely trusted with his inner landscape, he would have led a happier and more fulfilling life.

That’s why I’ve made it my personal mission to be that person for you…

In honor of my father’s memory, I’ve embraced the heartfelt mission to provide support and guidance to both high achievers like him and their family members who face unique challenges of their own.

As an expert in this field, I’m sharing my knowledge and experience to help you experience continued success, reach your full potential, and thrive. 

It’s time you had a person like that in your life.

Here's how we can begin our work together

Beginning your journey towards personal growth with us involves a few simple steps:

Choose the Signature Coaching Program
that’s right for you…


3-month coaching package

Tackle your most pressing challenge in a concentrated coaching container and get results fast.

Great for high-achievers who want to dominate a specific, immediate goal and get the results they crave.

$2,700 per month

or Pay In Full = $8,010


6-month coaching package

Perfect for those who are serious about multiple life goals. 

6 months allows you to redefine your trajectory and make big strides towards continued success & increased fulfillment.

$2,646 per month

OR PAY IN FULL = $15,750


12-month coaching package

12 months allows us to dramatically elevate your personal & professional life over time – essentially rewiring your brain to achieve your goals, find fulfillment in your day-to-day time, and meet even the highest expectations you’ve set for yourself.

$2,556 per month

OR PAY IN FULL = $30,402

Raeburn Coaching Packages include…

Introductory Coaching Taster

3 Weeks of virtual bespoke Coaching Sessions

This one time offer is the perfect option for those seeking to sample coaching before committing to a larger package.

You will receive 3 x 60-minute coaching sessions (once per week) for 3 weeks, conducted via Zoom. During the 3 weeks, our flexible email support allows you to reach out for guidance and support whenever you need it.

$1,206 for 3 weeks

(Available for a limited time)

What sets Raeburn Coaching apart?

Unlock personal development in a confidential environment

Confidential Environment

Confidentiality is a top priority. Your personal information will be handled with the utmost care and held in strict confidence. Trust is at the core of our coaching relationship.

We take a customized, personal approach to personal development coaching

Personalized Approach

My coaching is tailored to your unique goals, needs, and learning style, ensuring you get the MOST value out of each session. Your time is valuable, and we respect your commitment.

Evidence-based personal development coaching

Evidence-Based Coaching

Our programs utilize proven personal development coaching strategies that have been shown to help clients navigate challenging moments and overcome roadblocks.

Flexible scheduling for your personal development needs


Our virtual coaching offers you the flexibility to receive guidance and support wherever you are, making personal and professional growth easily accessible on your terms.

Expert guidance on your journey towards personal development

Expert Guidance

Embark on your coaching journey with Dr. Raeburn, where psychology and neuropsychology insights merge with top-tier coaching. Discover the power of expert guidance that illuminate new paths and bring clarity to your life’s challenges.

Long-term personal development and growth

Long-Term Growth

Build a strong foundation and embrace long-term growth through our expert coaching sessions.  Achieve short and long-term goals that result in lasting positive changes for years to come.

Balancing work responsibilities and family life was difficult and my relationships were suffering. With Dr. Raeburn’s help, I discovered the right work-life balance that worked for me.

Beyond that, she offered effective communication strategies that enhanced my understanding of my family’s viewpoints, which strengthened our bonds. I am deeply grateful for Dr. Raeburn’s support and the positive changes that have come with it.

~ Executive

Improving Family Relationships

Given the profound impact our coaching has, I'm proud to present the Raeburn Happiness Guarantee.

After your initial session, if you’re not completely confident in my ability to guide you toward the goals you envision, simply inform me within one week of our first meeting, and I will issue a refund for your remaining sessions. 

This coaching journey offers the specialized, one-on-one guidance you’ve been searching for. Recognizing the depth of commitment each session entails, please be aware that the current pricing is subject to change. Ensure your access to this personalized support by securing your spot today.

How to know if you’re a perfect match for Raeburn Professional & Personal Development Coaching:

Raeburn Coaching is perfect for you if…

However, we might NOT be a good fit if…

Ready to Discover Your Perfect Coaching Package?

Explore the array of coaching options tailored to your unique path of growth and success. Find the right fit for you and view transparent pricing details.

Are you ready for lasting change?

Let’s work together to overcome any hidden obstacles, uncovering a richer dimension to life, achievement, and personal development.

Have Questions or Need Further Insights?

Your journey is distinct, and naturally, so are your inquiries. Whether you seek deeper understanding or have particular queries, we’re here to provide the clarity you need.

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