Self-Study Courses
by Dr. Carolina Raeburn

Elevate Your Practice

for Therapists & Clinicians Who Want to Unlock the Full Potential of their Businesses.

Mastery of Success

Explore the Defining Psychological Traits, Habits & Practices of High Achievers

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Quiet Leadership

Maximizing Introverted Strengths in the Tech Industry

In this course, we’ll help you understand the unique strengths introverts bring to leadership roles, and how to leverage these to your advantage. You’ll learn how to communicate effectively, build strong teams, lead with empathy, and maintain your authentic, introverted self.

Cultivating Legacy

Strategies for Relationship Building and Long-lasting Impact

Explore the key elements of strong relationships, both personal and professional, and learns how these relationships can contribute to your legacy. This course covers practical strategies for effective communication, empathy, conflict resolution, and mutual understanding.