Legal Disclaimer

Please read this legal disclaimer (“Disclaimer”) carefully before engaging the services of Raeburn Coaching.

Nature of Services

Raeburn Coaching, operated by Dr. Raeburn, is exclusively a coaching practice. The services provided by Raeburn Coaching focus on personal and professional development, and are intended to assist clients in achieving their individual goals and objectives.

Exclusion of Mental Health Services

Dr. Raeburn, under the capacity of Raeburn Coaching, does NOT offer, engage in, or provide mental health services, psychological services, therapy, or counseling of any kind under any circumstances. The coaching services provided by Raeburn Coaching should not be confused with or considered as a substitute for psychological counseling, therapy, or mental health care.

No Diagnosis or Treatment of Mental Health Conditions

Coaching does not involve the diagnosis, treatment, or addressing of mental disorders or mental health conditions. Raeburn Coaching does not establish a therapeutic relationship between the coach (Dr. Raeburn) and the client. It is imperative to understand that Raeburn Coaching is not equipped, authorized, or qualified to provide therapy or any form of mental health treatment.

Encouragement to Seek Mental Health Care

Clients who are in need of mental health services, or who believe they may benefit from psychological therapy or counseling, are strongly encouraged to seek appropriate mental health care through qualified professionals. Raeburn Coaching stresses the importance of attending to one’s mental health and acknowledges that coaching is not a replacement for psychological or psychiatric services.

Limitation of Services

The services provided by Raeburn Coaching are solely for the purpose of supporting clients in achieving personal and professional objectives. These services are not intended to diagnose, treat, alleviate, or cure any mental health conditions or disorders.

Client Acknowledgment

By engaging the services of Raeburn Coaching, clients acknowledge that they have read and understood this Disclaimer, and are aware of the limitations of the coaching services. Clients also acknowledge that they have been encouraged to seek mental health care if needed and understand that Raeburn Coaching does not offer any form of therapy or mental health services.

Should you have any questions or need further clarification regarding this Disclaimer, please contact Raeburn Coaching for more information.

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