Elevate Your Clinical Practice

Transformative Business Coaching for Clinicians

With Dr. Carolina Raeburn

Are you a new therapist or clinical psychologist who’s looking to establish the right clinical practice guidelines and run a private practice that’s constantly booked with perfect-fit clients?

Or are you a seasoned clinician who wants to scale and have more influence but needs guidance on how to do it right instead of guessing?

Building a thriving practice is a nuanced art that demands more than they taught you in graduate school.

Your success and professional reputation hinge on being professional, dependable, and getting in front of the right audience. Not knowing where to start, how to move forward, or other uncertainties can set you back years.

Learning from a seasoned clinician can help you bypass roadblocks before they set you back.  

A seasoned clinician like, Dr. Raeburn, can help you navigate through the uncertainties and help you build the solid foundation and create a successful private practice.

It’s time to get help from someone who has 1) already discovered what works best, and is 2) ready to share which clinical practice guidelines produce the greatest results.

The demand for therapists and clinicians has increased. However, the demand on therapists has grown alongside it, and when you own a private practice, the demand seems doubled.  

Burnout, low morale, and higher levels of stress arise when taking on everything yourself.

Learning how to navigate the highs and lows of clinical entrepreneurship while moving in the direction of your dreams can be quite beneficial.

You're a gifted therapist, but we didn't learn about business practices in our
psychology programs...

One of the biggest challenges for clinicians entering the world of business is shifting from a “helper” mindset to a “business leader” mindset. 

This digital program was created with you in mind, to help you gain solid footing, formulate your vision, and help bring it to fruition. 

I developed these business coaching courses specially for clinicians, like you, to help you  cultivate the know-how, confidence, and mindset you need to succeed as an entrepreneur.

You need more than a run-of-the-mill business coach. You need someone with experience in the clinical field who knows the challenges that arise when owning this type of business.

It’s time for you to

Get proven clinical practice guidelines to help you build a thriving private practive

I offer 2 digital programs and 3 options to choose from choose from,
so you’re sure to navigate business challenges with ease. 

Option 1: 

Business Foundations – recommend for therapists or psychologists who are
just starting their private practice or looking to revamp an existing practice.

Option 2: 

Elevate Your Practice – recommend for therapists or psychologists who have
an existing private practice & want to transition into self-pay and growth.

Option 3: 

The Combination – This option combines “Business Foundations” &
“Elevate Your practice”.  It’s ideal for those seeking a comprehensive approach.

Option #1

Business Foundations

You have the clinical skills par excellence. Now it’s time to unleash your capabilities and tap into your entrepreneurial potential to build a solid business you’re proud of. 

Your robust foundation starts with mindset, goal setting, and strategic thinking. Then we’ll move on to practical actions, including defining your niche, branding, audience, financial management, establishing SOP’s / clinical practice guidelines, and legal considerations. 

This is perfect for you if:

What you’ll learn inside:

Module 1

Unlock Your Potential as a Clinician Entrepreneur

There is no bigger personal growth endeavor than becoming an entrepreneur! In this module you’ll gain an understanding of your strengths, identify your goals and opportunities for growth, then plan your path forward.

Module 2

Identifying Your Niche & Target Audience

No business can succeed without market research. This module will assist you in defining your ideal client, your “zone of genius” niche, and analyzing your research to make your business targeted and efficient.

Module 3

Building Your Personal & Business Brand

Is your business brand different from your personal one? We’ll discover that here! Among the powerful exercises in this module is a personal and business brand self-assessment so you can clearly distinguish between the two.

You’ll build out your Unique Selling Proposition (USP), brand voice / messaging guide, and create a visual brand so you uniquely stand out.

Module 4

Having an Effective & User-Friendly Website

You don’t have to be a website pro to set it up to attract all the leads. Here you’ll decide on a domain name, a website platform, develop a content plan, and learn about SEO & analytics tracking so you know what’s working.

Module 5

Marketing Strategies for Attracting New Clients

This powerful module will help attract the perfect leads to your clinical practice. You’ll develop a marketing plan using both online and offline marketing channels and use the latest advertising techniques. Then you’ll learn how to track and measure marketing success.

Module 6

Leveraging Social Media & Online Platforms for Marketing

It’s time to maximize your exposure by implementing your advertising plan! We’ll evaluate your platforms, content calendar, and learn how to profit from social media, networking, and other collaborative efforts.

When you complete the Business Foundations course, you can expect to:

It's time for you to build a solid business foundation

This course is coming soon! Please register for our waitlist to be first in line when we launch the course later this year.

Option #2

Elevate Your Practice

You have a proven clinical track record and stellar reputation that goes with putting the effort into your business… and you want to take it to the next level. Learn the fail-proof strategies for scaling your practice to create long-term stability so you can flow through changing economic climates with ease.

This is perfect for you if:

What you’ll learn inside:

Module 1

Networking for Success

No clinician needs to feel alone. Reduce the stress by creating a support web of other professionals with mutual understanding. This module covers different networking strategies that feel authentic, building & nurturing professional connections, and how to collaborate with complimentary service providers so everyone wins.

Module 2

Cultivating a Success Mindset as a Mental Health Practitioner

Even mental health professionals can benefit from a mindset tuneup!

Surpass your current comfort level and grow into the practice you desire. In this important module, we’ll identify mindset obstacles, develop strategies to address overwhelm, and develop tactics to deal with uncertainty.

Module 3

Creating or Transitioning to a Self-Pay Practice

How does a self-pay practice differ from an insurance-based model? Let’s look at the pros & cons, how to set your fees, marketing specifically to that clientele, and transitioning concerns. We’ll also evaluate and improve the experience from the client’s perspective.

Module 4

Scaling Your Practice & Maximizing Your Impact

Growing forward requires a good look at the landscape. In this module, we’ll look at common areas for improvement, developing a hiring & team-building plan, and spot opportunities for growth.

Module 5

Client Retention & Building Long-term Relationships

Clients are the life force that sustains your practice. This module delves into creating rapport, retention, and what goes into a follow-up plan. Plus, get a client satisfaction survey template you can implement immediately!

Module 6

Managing Your Finances & Legal Considerations

Clinicians have specific financial and legal matters distinct from other businesses. This module covers budgeting, taxes, legal requirements, and business structures. We’ll also look at protecting your practice with insurance and liability considerations.

After finishing this course, you can expect to:

Are you ready to elevate your practice?

This course is coming soon! Please register for our waitlist to be first in line when we launch the course later this year.

PLUS get all of these exclusive bonuses...

Included Bonus #1

Balancing the Demands of Running a Practice with Self-Care and Professional Development

This bonus module is crucial to keep mental health professionals feeling vital and effective instead of bitter and burned out. 

Topics covered include:

Included Bonus #2

Adapting Your Clinical Practice Guidelines to Industry Trends and Changes

This bonus module will help keep you on top of the constantly changing trends in the clinical world.

Inside you’ll get:

Choose the option that’s right for you…

Business Foundations

Introductory Course - $997

Elevate Your Practice

Advanced course - $997

2-Course Combo Deal

Get both - $1887

Here's everything that's included...

Here’s how it works...

Dr. Raeburn’s advice has been trusted by

In each module, I’ll remove the guesswork so you can create a sustainable and enduring business.

These courses are designed with the insights and strategies I’ve gathered over the years, insights that once were only available through personal coaching with me.

Now, you have the chance to access these valuable tools. These courses aren’t just a set of instructions; they’re a roadmap to elevating your practice. They provide you with the guidance and knowledge needed to build a thriving business in the clinical field.

My aim is to empower you with the skills and distinctive insights needed to set your practice apart and attract the clientele you seek. Building a successful clinical business is challenging, but with a strategic approach, it’s entirely achievable. Allow me to share the strategies that can turn this vision into reality.

Let’s transform your practice.

Dr. Carolina Raeburn helps psychologists and therapists establish clinical practice guidelines for their businesses

Meet Dr. Carolina Raeburn

As a fellow clinician with a successful psychology private practice and a thriving coaching business, I’ve amassed the knowledge and expertise to help you start your own private practice or elevate your established business. 

One of the reasons I started Raeburn Coaching was because I started getting coaching requests from other psychologists & therapists who wanted to start a private practice, change their client base, transition to self pay, or run a stable and profitable business. 

It’s important that mental health professionals master the entrepreneur side of their practice without the costly and time consuming trial & errors business owners sometimes make.

Hence, I’d like to extend this exclusive invitation to you so you can maximize your potential and have private practice that brings you joy.

Is being a clinician and entrepreneur right for you?

Digital Business Coaching is perfect for clinicians looking to elevate their entrepreneurial skills and excel in private practice. You’ll learn tried and tested strategies used by a successful fellow clinician, to grow a business filled with meaning, service, and deep satisfaction.

This digital business coaching program could be what you’ve been looking for if:

However, this might NOT be a good fit if…

Are you ready to start?

Start your journey towards a fulfilling private practice

Still have questions?

I understand how demanding your life is. You don’t have time to sit in traffic or vie for parking space–never mind finding time to attend business school after you’ve finished with clients for the day. With immediate access to an online learning portal, you can get the information you need and return at your convenience. You’ll get proven strategies that directly move the needle for clinicians and make the best use of your limited time. The time you’ll save from having to cobble together information throughout the internet (none of which will have the clinical business insight you need) is immeasurable.

Not at all. At this point in your career, learning should fit into your schedule, not the other way around. You’ll have lifetime access to the course, so you can refer back to it frequently if needed. And any upgrades to the material will be included for you at no additional cost.

Because you get instant, lifetime access to all course resources, bonuses and learning material, we aren’t able to offer refunds. If you have issues with the course, we encourage you to reach out to support@raeburncoaching.com where we will do our best to support you.

After your first session, if you are not completely convinced this coaching will help you breakthrough to a new level, just let me know and I’ll refund your payment. However, after that point there are no refunds. If you have any hesitations at all, I suggest trying a 3-session introduction first. That way, you can sample my coaching style and have complete confidence about what we can achieve together.

I’d be happy to answer your questions. Submit the form on our contact page and we’ll be in touch within 3 business days.

Business is a complex world.

Starting a business is challenging & growing a business can be difficult if you don’t have the right vision, plan, and action steps in place. This Digital Coaching Course provides you with strategies to build & grow a thriving clinical business — Perfect for those who are trying to find their footing in the complex world of business but are not yet ready to invest in long term coaching. 

This course is coming soon! Please register for our waitlist to be first in line when we launch the course in early 2024.