Raeburn Coaching Privacy Policies

Our Privacy Policy was last updated on June 21st, 2023. This Privacy Policy encompasses any information collected while visiting our website; it includes any information about you, your activities, and how that data is shared and stored. Our Privacy Policy additionally covers relationships with third parties, including how data may be shared with them.

What kind of data do we collect?

We collect all information you provide us when you visit our website; e.g., if you complete the contact form, the information will be saved on our website then sent directly to the appropriate company contact. Cookies, web beacons and other analytics may be used to collect information about how you arrived at our site and whether or not an advertisement brought you to the website. We may also collect information if you share our blogs or web pages through your social media accounts. Information about your interests or browsing practices may be obtained from publicly available sources.

Although we don’t collect personally sensitive information, information about the device you use to visit our site and geographical location may be collected to enhance your user experience. Occasionally, our partners or we may send cookies or an anonymous identifier to your device.

When required by law, we obtain consent before we collect and store user information.

Partners who collect information

We use Google Analytics to provide us with helpful data bout our website and its visitors. Hence your information may also be gathered by Google when you visit our site. If you used a different search engine to visit our website, your information might have also been gathered by them.

The information gathered is for analytical purposes and is automatically collected our website is visited. This information is not transferred manually. 

For more information about Google’s Privacy Policy, click this link: Google Privacy and Terms.

How data/information is used

We can improve the user experience by understanding how visitors came to our site and what they did on our site. Collecting information allows us to conduct research helping us enhance the user experience of those who visit our website. It helps us identify ways to improve. It may be used to make our website more user-friendly and to improve its content. This information could be used in the future to enhance your experience or make suggestions about how we can best assist you.

If you entered your information using the contact form on our website, your information would be used so one of our team members can reach out to you by phone or email. If you signed up for our email list, we would use your information to send you email communications. Your information may also be used to send you incentives or promotional offers for our products or services. These may appear on our website or elsewhere on the internet, provided by us or advertising partners.

Whom do we share information with?

Information that we collect is usually used for internal purposes. For the above-described purposes, we may also share your information with advertising partners and Google. Your information may be shared with companies that provide us with support and services when necessary so that they may fulfill their duties.

If you choose to comment on one or several of our blog posts or decide to engage with us via social media, please keep in mind that those comments and engagements are viewable by the general public, including your social media profile. Nonetheless, there are instances where we may be required by law to share your information, to which we will comply as necessary with the law.

Information Protection

We have taken precautions to protect your data. We restrict access to your data to only the necessary employees who would require it to fulfill their job duties. We review our collection and storage policies regularly to assess whether there is a need for improvement.

Your Information options

If you signed up for newsletters and you no longer want to receive them, feel free to unsubscribe to those emails via the unsubscribe link found at the bottom of the emails. Furthermore, if you don’t want your information to be collected and used on the internet, you can opt-out by clicking the links below and following the instructions:



You may also change your browser settings to prevent all cookies from being sent. You may find that certain opt-out services no longer work if you do this.

Future Changes

When our Privacy Policy is updated, it will reflect on this page with a new effective date at the top.


We do everything possible to ensure our website’s quality and technology and ensure our website is accurate and easy to use. We are happy to assist you with any technical issues or hear about any creative suggestions which you think may improve our site.

How do you reach us?

If you have questions regarding our Privacy Policy or our collection, storage, or sharing of data, please feel free to email us using our CONTACT FORM

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